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Creating a job application

Key points

  • Written job applications usually include a cover letter and resume.

  • A cover letter is a statement addressing the key selection criteria.

  • A resume is a document that briefly summarises your knowledge, skills and experiences. 


Writing a cover letter

A cover letter is a short (about one page) letter where you can introduce yourself to a potential employer. It usually contains:

  • some brief information about you

  • what job you are applying for and the reasons why you’re interested in the job

  • some of the skills that you can offer the employer

  • your interest and availability for an interview.

Sometimes, if a job is advertised on a website such as Seek or CareerOne, you might also need to copy information from your resume and put it into an online form.

You can check out Youth Central’s How to Write a Cover Letter page for detailed advice on writing a cover letter. On the bottom of the page, there are additional links for specific situations, like how to write a cover letter if you don’t yet have work experience.


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