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Key points

  • Volunteering is a great way to explore interests and build your skills. 

  • Use the internet or local library to search for local groups or organisations in your area.

  • GoVolunteer lists thousands of volunteer roles around Australia. 


Finding opportunities

Like work experience, volunteering is a great way to contribute to the community, explore your interests, and meet like-minded people. It gives you the opportunity to show a potential employer how valuable you could be to them, and occasionally, it can also lead to paid work opportunities.

GoVolunteer lists thousands of volunteer roles around Australia. You can use it to search for opportunities based on your interests and where you live.

You will find interest-based opportunities listed below. However, there are many more of these in your community. Local libraries often have a community resource worker who can link you with relevant volunteer and interest groups in your area.

  • Environmentalism

    Conservation Volunteers Australia offers a range of opportunities to plant trees, collect seeds and conduct environmental surveys.

  • Computing coding

    For people aged 8–15 years, find a Coding Club near you. This is a great place to volunteer if you are interested in coding and want to share your skills and knowledge with younger kids.

  • Gardening

    Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network lets you find places where you can grow produce and nurture gardens for the local community. 

  • Animal care

    RSPCA Australia volunteers assist in many ways including caring for animals in the shelters.


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